ADHD is like a sense of humor

ADHD is like a sense of humor.  Everyone has it, just to a different degree.

For example, at some point during the day all of us lose our focus or attention.  We all get distracted and may even forget to do things or misplace things.  We all get fidgety or antsy and at times will act impulsively.

The difference among all of us is the frequency of how often these things happen.  When getting distracted or losing things becomes an obstacle to a successful day, that is when it is officially “a problem”.

The goal of any program should be to change the frequency of these occurrences so that our days are successful.  At AEF, the unique behavioral intervention chart tracks the frequency of targeted behaviors (attention, focus, follow directions, completing work within a time frame, etc.) and creates an individualized plan for each student to move their frequencies to an acceptable range. For more information visit or email Dr. Lance Fein at mailto:[email protected]